Small Balconies, Big Decor Ideas!

Small Balconies, Big Decor Ideas!

If you own a condominium, you no doubt have access to a small-sized balcony. It doesn’t have to be a boring space: give it a makeover!

But how to proceed? By using the right materials and by integrating just enough components to make it both comfortable and practical. 

Install Foot-Friendly Flooring

To make your balcony more attractive, consider installing a floor covering. Many owners opt for synthetic grass. Even on its own, a very realistic model will bring life and colour to the space.

Alternatively, for a warmer decor, lay interlocking patio tiles that imitate the look of wood.

Painting the concrete in a prettier hue, like sage green or yellow ochre, is an equally excellent idea for creating a more dynamic space.

Optimize the Seating

If you want to soak up the sun’s rays, observe the surrounding nature, or watch passersby, you need to be comfortably settled. Including cozy seating may be challenging, however, when designing such a space.

For a tiny balcony, favour foldable chairs that you can put away when not in use. A bistro table and two chairs can also do the trick. Benches with integrated storage are likewise highly practical. Add cushions for comfier seating.

For an original twist, consider a giant colourful outdoor ottoman or a hanging chair

Add Plants

Real or faux, plants and flowers will bring your small balcony to life. You can find planters that can be installed on the railing to free up floor space. You can also hang your plants overhead in suspended pots. You can place containers on the floor if you have enough square footage.

For low-maintenance greenery or a completely shaded balcony, opt for artificial plants. Some models are so realistic it is almost impossible to tell!

Layer the Lighting

In the evening, you will need lighting to create the proper ambiance on your balcony. Whether you use strings of lights, candles, lanterns or solar-powered light sources, they will beautify the space.

Remember Scent

It is to your advantage to include pleasant scents as part of the ambiance, especially if you live in a downtown neighbourhood with lots of traffic. Fragrant flowers, essential oil diffusers or scented candles will perfume the air.

Integrate a Privacy Screen

A key component for feeling at ease, privacy screens are simple to build. You can find various types of panels in big-box stores (patterned, textured, smooth, etc.) exactly for this purpose. You can then customize your screen by adorning it with flowers, faux decorative green wall squares or framed pictures.

Some owners opt for delicate sheers or fabric curtains instead.

Personalize the Space

The last step is to give your balcony character with a decor scheme. It can be festive or evoke the ambiance of a Parisian café, a restful retreat, or a seaside resort. Make it your own!

In short, transform your outdoor space, no matter how small, into a place where you will want to spend time. Make your balcony a true extension of your living space!

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